AKA Intelligent Detox

For the past 3 years, Karen has been a profound blessing as I have moved through a severe gastrointestinal issue requiring frequent colonics. Karen is a deeply knowledgeable and professional colon hydrotherapist, making clients feel comfortable during what can be a fairly vulnerable and even embarrassing process. I quickly became at ease in her presence. Over the years, I came to look forward to going in to see her … not just because I felt cleansed afterwards, but because I genuinely enjoyed our time together. She is dedicated to overall health and wellness, and strives to do everything she can to help her clients to heal and feel well. She is kind, thoughtful, and highly intuitive. Karen saw me at some of my best and worst times, and no matter what, she always held me in the image of perfect health, trusting that it was and is possible for me to be a vibrant person. I am so grateful to have had her assistance and support these past few years and I highly recommend her. 

KH, Boulder  


Want to give a shout out to my friend Karen who I have had the joy of working with since being a client of hers in Colorado, and then going on to study some of the same healing modalities.Karen has been my hydrocolon therapist, herbal detox specialist, raw food diet advisor, and essential oil advisor for tonifying my liver and spleen. Her wealth of knowledge and information has been a huge asset on my own path of healing and regenerating a healthy body, while working with her generous and gentle spirit has been a true joy and has made her a trusted friend and ally. A good health care provider and teacher does not force ideas or methodologies on their client, but instead shares their inspirations and wisdom openly in a way that allows the client to choose what feels right for them. Karen is naturally gifted in this type of relationship that empowers the individual’s spirit to thrive around these health modalities that she herself has invested so much of her own spirit in. Her work is indeed intelligent and inspired, and I often feel very blessed that I’ve had the chance to learn from her for so many years. Thank you, Karen, and here’s to many blessings in health and life!

JD, Jacksonville, Florida

What a relief to have found Karen! Plagued with undiagnosed digestive issues, Karen has helped lead me down the path of wellness. Although, I still have some trouble digesting food, many of the numerous side affects that plagued me have merely vanished: i want to say my migraines are gone, and my small headaches nonexistent, my body has stopped itching, I don’t feel nauseous all day long, my stomach isn’t bloated rock solid (and gassy), my anxiety has diminished considerably, and my chronic fatigue has gone.Karen has taught me how to eat through proper food combining and given me great examples of what to eat and how much water i should be drinking. This in combination with the hydrotherapy is what I believe has helped me feel so much better. I’m hoping with continued cleansing my digestion of will become even easier. Compared to where I was physical and mentally when I started seeing Karen 6 months ago, I am extremely happy with my progress. Thank you Karen!

JC, Denver 

I’m not sure where to begin because there are so many positive aspects regarding my experience with Karen. I genuinely admire and trust her work and knowledge base as a colon hygiene therapist. Without Karen in my life, I do not believe my health or personal growth would be where it is today. She is professional in every sense of the term and I always look forward to my appointments. I cannot stress enough how beneficial my time with Karen has been and I know she has the ability and tools to guide clients on a path of health and healing.

AS, Boulder 

Hi Karen. Just wanted to say thanks again for the session. You were really great to work with. I felt really brain foggy on my drive home but once I got home after a little while I started to feel really good. Clean and light and energized… So that was really nice! I look forward to coming back next month!

MA, Colorado Springs

Thank you so much for the treatment today. It was wonderful and I feel so so so much better. It was a great treatment and I mean that. I really loved your entire approach and system. Everything was great. You were really really amazing at giving the abdominal massage. It was such a good experience.

AP, Los Angeles

Thank you for your help today. I am feeling better and better!

RH, Boulder

Karen is a gifted therapist and a wise healer. She’s gentle with your body and your mind. The procedure itself was comfortable and easy. More important, I felt like I could ask her anything about my health. There’s no judgment and lots of understanding. If you have any concerns or fear about colon cleansing, please see Karen. You’ll be in great hands! 

KM, Boulder, CO

I feel great by the way. That session was life altering!!!!

MHW, Denver

I just had my first colon hygiene session. I feel really spoiled because not only was it gravity but Karen, my therapist, has trained with Natalia. She embraces the lifestyle and truly understands our decisions, commitments and challenges.  What I love is not only did I have a wonderfully positive experience but I made a friend too. If you are interested in working with a kind, gentle spirit who is the utmost professional then, please give her a call. 

KB, Colorado Springs