AKA Intelligent Detox



If you eat a Standard American Diet, it is suggested to avoid heavy foods and bad fats (processed starches, beans, fried food, meat, and conventional dairy, cheese, and milk), alcohol, and generally avoid overeating in the 24-36 hours before your treatment. You want your body in release mode, not digestion mode, for the session. Following these suggestions will make your session more comfortable and satisfying. 

It is suggested to eat a large, raw green salad before every meal. Besides salad greens, it can be helpful to include raw grated carrots and/or beets and a variety of colors, but please avoid raw cauliflower or brocolli as they can cause gas in many people. Raw fiber acts like a broom through the intestines, assisting in removing unwanted waste. 

Some people prefer to juice fast on the day of their session, but this is not always practical or recommended. Raw juice, as well as distilled or deionized water, is a great way to loosen up wastes in the body. For some folks, eating a relatively light healthy meal a few hours before their session and then fasting/juice fasting after the session for the remainder of the day (or until onset of real hunger) works well, but it is really an individual decision. Basically the advice for the 24-36 hours pre-session and post-session are the same. I often suggest carrot ginger soup, or any easy to digest soup, as an initial meal post-session. You will receive more information at your session. 

Lastly, it is recommended to stop drinking large quantities of  liquids 1-2 hours before your session, only to avoid the need to urinate during the session.